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Having access to the leading technology providers in the industry enables us to offer great pricing on both products and services.  Here’s how:  The more you use our collection of products and services, the lower the pricing.  Being familiar with what you do and how you do it will enable us to consolidate our knowledge in finding the right solutions, at the right time, for the right price.  Our service pricing can be well below current market rates provided there is a consensus in using the technology products and services we have to offer.


For example, let’s say you need a technology firm to: 

  • provide a technology analysis (something we can and have offered as a free service);

  • provide recommendations;

  • provide business continuance planning;

  • purchase a file or database server and workstations;

  • install computer software which includes support applications like anti-virus protection and monitoring;

  • perform front- and back-office software integration;

  • network cabling for office collaboration and Internet service;

  • remote access to business data;

  • and many other technology-related services.

If you have a basic understanding of our industry, you’ll know that purchased separately, the pricing can boggle your mind or at least your wallet.  The price points in each one of those separate areas can be out of the range of your budget.  So whether you have reached that point in your business that requires technology purchases to gain greater efficiency, or a startup attempting to locate the right growth-potential solutions, we can provide the appropriate level of pricing.


If you’re evaluating technology firms, or exploring ways that will add value to your business, please include us as your technology partner.  We’d appreciate an opportunity to meet with you to discuss pricing options.



Timmy Newsome



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