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Technologically,  one of the most difficult challenges facing small- to medium-sized businesses is how to integrate industry-specific applications with a back-office accounting system and not have the process break the bank.

  • We understand the need to control technology costs while providing a solution to solve the integration problem.

  • IBM and Microsoft realize and understand this challenge and have developed middleware products for the mid-market to address the integration problems.

  • At Newtec Business Solutions, we incorporate existing technologies to allow your business to control labor costs and reduce redundancy and errors by automating that process.


If we cannot locate the right solution off-the-shelf, then allow us to use existing technologies to create the integration.  Employing this method will save both time and money.


So if you are having to enter the same data in different applications, or spending too many person-hours on duplication, we could have the right solution to greatly reduce unnecessary steps.



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