The WeekDay School was in need of assistance in the following areas: technology consulting; systems integration; training; and product purchasing.


The greatest challenge facing the school was how to install instructional software school-wide and in a computer lab that is being used by an unspecified number of people that belongs to a larger organization with a different mission.


Using the Microsoft Server 2000 operating system, we were able to provide and assign individual profiles tailored to the individual need of the end-user.For example, students are only able to deploy educational applications while other non-educational applications are off-limits.In fact, the student can only see his or her applications.The other great feature is that the student can use any computer in either the computer lab or the school, and still have access to only their information.


Newtec Business Solutions assisted The WeekDay School in realizing itís vision of providing instructional software to students while maintaining a secure environment.


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