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Wide-Area Networking

Whether connecting to branch offices or providing access for telecommuters, wide-area networks reduce errors, increase efficiency, and provide instantaneous access to information and data.  The following are solutions we provide:

  • Provide assessment of software for wide-area networking; 

  • Adhere to HIPPA and the Sarbanes Oxley Act standards for privacy;

  • Installs firewalls to protect data and information and keep unwanted intruders out of your network;

  • Implement, install and support internal e-mail solutions to communicate with customers, vendors, and employees.  We also provide mobile support for your PDAs either through synchronization or direct access to your e-mail box.


Our technology product relationships will allow us to provide the right solutions in accordance to the policies and procedures of your firm. 


For more information on how we can enter a technology relationship with your firm please call 972.248.7251


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